Here are some of the many sources for the information and activities in the SAGE- Spirit And Ground Energy App. These people are all better than me at what they do. My role was more like a channeler or compiler of some of their purer source information. Thanks and appreciation go to all these inspirational people.

Lower Body Strength Exercises

Michele Mandel, Peninsula Jewish Community Center

Shawn M. Britton, Friend & Sierra Club Hike Leader

Upper Body Stength Exercises

San Mateo High School Athletics Teachers

Nicolas Batara, Ph.D., Nephew


Lu Rehling, San Diego

Tai Chi

Anthony Wong, Tai Chi Master

Master Wu Tai Yeh

Chi Gong

Stephanie Lacarrubba, RN, LAc, QiGong Teacher

Dr. Stuart Heller, PhD in Psychology, 7th Degree Black Belt

Walking Backwards

Lloyd Walker, Math & Physics Teacher, San Mateo High School

Walking Forwards

Gerald Wacknov, Father

Mryna Wacknov, Mother

Ezra Bayda, Zen Center San Diego

Standing Meditation & Qigong

Robert Brown, Tai Chi Instructor, Tai Chi Tutelage of Palo Alto

Mark Cohen, Standing Meditator, author of Inside Zhan Zhuang

Sitting Meditation

Keith Wiley, Zen Priest and M.D.

Marilyn Ferguson, Author of The Aquarian Conspiracy

Meditation Lying Down & Mudra Meditation

Jane Tan, Meditator in San Mateo

Authentic Movement class in Palo Alto

Body Scan Method

Insight Meditation Center, Redwood City

Reverend Kim Wakabayashi, Church of Divine Man (Berkeley Psychic Institute)

Computer Programming Teachers

Margaret Cole, Math & Computer Teacher, Bowditch Middle School

Gerald Levitt, Foster City

Guidance During Development

Peter Sage & Mr. Ropa, Psychic Spirits

Shoshana, Psychic from California Psychics, and Yoga Instructor

Testing of the App

Steve Sazegari, Foster City

Gaby Korn, Foster City

Female Voice in the App

Karen Pinckard, Jewish Community Center Fitness Trainer




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